When I first heard there was a spin studio coming to Poughkeepsie – I couldn’t have been more excited.  We have some fabulous workout studios here in the area but SPINNING has been the missing element.  Let me tell you…. The Wheel House does not disappoint! This new studio is a super high energy, exciting, positive-vibes only studio that welcomes all fitness levels and makes working out a blast.  Classes are at various times throughout the day so it can fit into any schedule (6am classes are where I will be!) and the location is really convenient for people coming from a different area.

The Wheel House was started by it’s owner Michelle, who has been teaching spin and barre for years.  She realized the need for a personalized spin studio in the area and decided to take the leap.  The Wheel House is located in VanWagner Place, which is this really cool new development right outside of the City of Poughkeepsie.  VanWagner Place also has luxury apartments and other shops all in the same area too.  The studio has about 15-20 bikes, and the overall vibe of the studio is energetic, loud, and fun. The studio has bright and colorful strobe lights, loud and upbeat music, and eventually black out shades!  The studio also offers barre and yoga sculpt classes as well.  Also – Poughkidsie is in the same building as the Wheel House, so they have partnered together to offer childcare during some classes.  When you sign up for the spin class on their MindBody page – you can sign up for childcare right on the same site.

I have taken a few spin classes so far, and here are the things that I love about it:

  • You immediately feel welcomed there!  The owner Michelle, as well as the other spin instructors, really try to get to know you. It seems like everyone will be on a first name basis with all the instructors and other members in no time;
  • The class is high intensity, but you adjust your intensity to what your needs are.  Everyone rides at their own level and speed;
  • The music is bumpin for sure!!
  • The strobe lights and darker room lighting really make it fun, and also turn your focus to just you and your bike;
  • It incorporates a total body workout – there are arm weights for at least 1 song, and also various moves on the bike that target different areas.  You never do the same thing twice!
  • Chilled towel’s at the end… c’mon. Best feeling ever.

Right now the Wheel House is offering a summer special of $99 per month of unlimited classes, which is AWESOME.  You also can buy class passes as well!  Overall – it is a super fun spot that gives you a killer workout at the same time! I will be hitting up the Wheel House all of the time.  I definitely recommend checking it out!


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