One of my favorite places to shop for my dog is Dexter’s.  For a few reasons – 1, their products are always bright, colorful and unique and I love to put my dog in some fun dog swag and 2, they fully support Hudson Valley local businesses with their product line.  Obviously, with a blog that features local businesses only, this is appealing! Not only are many their products locally made, but for the products made outside of our area they only allow products in the store that are 100% American made.

Dexter’s is owned by Dana and Eric, who started the shop in 2016. They named it after of course, their dog Dexter. The shop is located in Rhinebeck NY, in the back of Montgomery Row right in town.  They are near Gaby’s, Krause’s Chocolates, and Liberty Public House. The goal of the shop is to provide high quality food and products for your dog, so you know exactly what you are buying and where it came from. Their products are 100% American made and manufactured. It seems that although many products note they are 100% American made, it really is what it says.  Only “made” in America.  The ingredients they use to make the product can be from all over the entire world, which allows for different variations of quality regulations to be put into 1 bag of dog food. Not very reassuring.  Dana and Eric recognized this and focus on only stocking dog food where the ingredients and the manufacturing all originate from America.  One of their most popular lines is Fromm Family Pet Food which is a fantastic high quality line.  Along with being 100% American made, they also stock a ton of Hudson Valley products, especially dog treats.  A few product lines they stock are Striker’s Path Handmade Dog Treats (made in Hopewell, these treats use ingredients from Fishkill Farms), Coast to Coast Dog Treats (my dog is obsessed with the PB flavor of these, Stormville NY, these were created for an allergy-prone dog and they offer limited ingredients), Pirate Paws Barkery (made in Newburgh, limited ingredients and local meats used) along with many others!  There also stock local collars, dog beds, bandanas, and homemade dog friendly cookies at the front desk.   

Some other products they offer – natural tick repellent, quality bones, natural pet odor candles, and clothing.  Dexter’s a great spot for your everyday items, as well as finding the perfect gift for the dog lover!  They also do a bunch of great events there – such as adoption days with Pets Alive! and pet pictures with Santa (Santa was feeling young and looked a lot like Eric that day). Also, if you like them on Facebook – sometimes they have great giveaways and blog posts for their followers!


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