One of my favorite places to shop for my dog is Dexter’s.  For a few reasons – 1, their products are always bright, colorful and unique and I love to put my dog in some fun dog swag and 2, they fully support Hudson Valley local businesses with their product line.  Obviously, with a blog that features local businesses only, this is appealing! Not only are many their products locally made, but for the products made outside of our area they only allow products in the store that are 100% American made. Continue reading “DEXTER’S DOG BOUTIQUE, RHINEBECK NY”


I’ve had a cup of coffee pretty much every morning since I can remember. Probably high school at least.  At this point, it’s really not an option for me in the mornings. I also drink it black or with minimal additions, so I appreciate a GREAT cup of coffee.  It gets me going and starts my day off right. So when I discovered that North River Coffee Roasters opened up a location in Poughkeepsie, I had to come and check it out. Continue reading “NORTH RIVER COFFEE ROASTERS, POUGHKEEPSIE NY”


Most people have no trouble finding outdoor activities to do in the Hudson Valley over the summer.  One thing I have been meaning to do was go kayaking on the Hudson.  The Hudson can be very unpredictable, so I was really looking for a guided tour to help me out.  I luckily stumbled across Mountain Valley Guides on Groupon!  They have three locations on the Hudson – Newburgh, Cornwall, and Hastings, and offer a ton of different tours to pick from. Continue reading “MOUNTAIN VALLEY GUIDES, HUDSON RIVER”